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All your architectural needs taken care of.


We offer full-scale new home designs from the ground up. No detail is arbitrary. We'll create a design that matches your individuality. Not only do we provide you with a beautiful design plan, but we will be a helping hand at every step of the process, through bidding and permitting, and we regularly visit the site during construction to ensure that the final product achieves Hierarchy's high standard of detailing.​



Our interior remodels range from small, single rooms, to large-scale full interior & total gut renovations. Whatever the project, we'll create a design that compliments the existing features while breathing new life into your home. Our team of experts will work with you to bring your vision to life starting with a process we call "The Program" or "Wish List". Then we help prioritize your goals within the constraints of the existing conditions, your budget and time-frame. Check out past Interior Remodels.


Kitchen & bathroom remodels are often the centerpiece of home renovation projects and if you are looking to upgrade these areas of your home you've come to the right place!  T.J. Costello is Long Island's only dual-certified Architect & NKBA Kitchen Designer. T.J. and our team understand that functionality is just as important as design and we'll create a design for you that is beautiful and functions flawlessly with the makeup of your family (including pets!).  Check out some of our past Kitchen Renovations and Bathroom Renovations.


Kitchen & Bath

Restoring timeless, classic old homes is a specialty service we've become known for on Long Island. Working mostly with Tudor and Colonial style homes, we create "new-old homes" that maintain the beautiful architectural features of the original home, but restore them to look brand new again. It takes a special design ability to ensure that all the new design features transition seamlessly into the existing home's composition. Check out our past Restoration Projects.​



We offer specialized custom millwork and metal solutions, creating unique designs for our clients. We tailor specific requests from our clients or recommend unique designs for your home that require custom creations. These designs include, wainscot paneling, ceiling beams, wrought-iron railings, storage cabinets, kitchen storage, mud rooms, laundry rooms, pet cage/pet care storage, closets, crown molding, grout matching restoration masonry and exterior brickwork. Check out some of our Custom Millwork designs.  ​


Custom Millwork


With plenty of beachfront property on Long Island, Hierarchy offers beautiful custom designed beach & vacation homes. These secondary homes provide a relaxing escape and are carefully planned and constructed with your family in mind. We ensure all our beach homes meet all town regulations or requirements. Each unique cottage is built with the highest structural integrity giving you peace of mind that the home is fit to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Beach Homes

Creating effective public housing requires a keen ability to balance budgeting and design. Our staff at Hierarchy is well suited tackle this challenge. We design these rent-stabilized developments with the same care and detail of a single family home. The result is a property that's design appeals to all families and creates a sense of community within the residents. The multi-family apartments are ideal for renting to retired seniors and low-income families. Check out one of our recent Multi-Family Housing Projects.


Institutional Housing

We renovate bars, restaurants, and other commercial,  hospitality or entertainment spaces. With a focus on building a unique atmosphere for your customers, we will create a design that is not only stunning, but maximizes the economic potential of the space as well. One of our most recent commercial projects revived Publicans American Tavern, a storied Manhasset pub immortalized in the best-selling memoir "The Tender Bar" by J.R. Moehringer. Check out the photos here.


Commercial Hospitality




We have been designing homes for 30 years and over the course of time have honed our process into 5 Phases that are both informative and transparent. Every team member at Hierarchy shares a common goal – making the client happy and providing a timeless design that will make you fall in love with your home, whether it be the first time or all over again. Our approach is explained below to guide you through the renovation process.

Screenshot (5).png
Screenshot (5).png

Phase I : Pre-Design

To begin, you will meet with our Principal, T.J. Costello, whose initial task is to go over your wish list and understand your use of the space you are choosing to renovate or build. At this initial meeting, your scope of work, budget, time schedule, and goals will be discussed and T.J. will begin the process of “programming” your wish list and start dialoging and brainstorming ideas with you. We then will visit the Building Department to FOIL old property information if available or if applicable. Zoning calculations and preliminary code compliance is performed. If a new build is requested or required, we would also assist your builder with demolition drawings and site clearing documents.

Phase IV : Bidding & Permitting

After the CD’s are complete we then prepare a Bid package for no more than 2 Builders. After the bids are received back we will help review them. Upon selecting a builder we will meet & review CD’s with them. We will conduct field visit walk-through’s with the builders and act as your representative to answer questions. Your Permit Applications will be filled out by our staff and submitted for Building Permit examination. Your Contractor and Subcontractors must and will fill out and supply their own insurances, certificates, licensed trades, etc. and Hierarchy will deliver the package to Building Department. We will reply to Village Examination comments as necessary. If the need arises we will revise and resubmit. Once the permit is received it is given to the Builder to post on the job site and construction may begin.

Phase II : Design

Now it is time to begin hand sketching and conceptual designing; developing sketches into 2D AutoCAD drawings; producing options for optimal designs for discussion, revision and approval. Once the design is finalized we will prepare and submit the presentation to Architectural Review Committee for approvals if required.

Phase V : Construction Administration

During your final phase our team will conduct site visits to observe the work being performed; answer questions from the builder or yourself as they arise. We will visit weekly through rough framing & rough utilities, and the tri-weekly thereafter until your Certificate of Occupancy is received. We can always perform more frequent visits at your request, if desired, for an additional fee. (Note; Architect is never responsible for Builders safety, sequences, materials, means or methods of construction).

Phase III : Construction Documents

Construction documents are needed for permitting and building and include a wide range of drawings, plans, elevations and sections. In this phase the process of creating technically developed Blueprints & Specifications of the finalized design is completed while complying with Local & State Code building codes. Materials and finishes are defined for proper and accurate Bids from Builders while incorporating your selected materials into the specifications.


Beyond our core architecture services, we have many other specialties not previously listed, including  cabanas, garages and landscaping. It's likely that whatever your goal is, we can help you achieve it, so please contact us and let's start building your dream home!

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