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Pond View Homes

This multi-family workforce housing complex, built in the late 1950's, was long overdue for a renovation. One of the projects main goals was to rid the existing institutional feel to make each apartment more like an  individual home. By breaking away from the long, linear and monochromatic buildings, the creation of new individual entry porticos and privacy fences inspired a sense of ownership. The main infrastructure of the property remained, however changes to the exterior siding, overhangs and added roof gables transformed the project.  Throughout the site, new cast iron sidewalk lights, benches, updated plantings, custom handrails, ramps, and way-finding and welcome signage create a friendly campus environment. Each of the 65 apartments received new kitchen cabinets, lighting, vinyl plank flooring, improved layout by removing non-functional non-bearing hallway partitions to create a more open plan. Other features that were added included a new Community Building, trash and recycling shed, playground and increased parking.

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