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Dark & Handsome

It’s easy to dismiss the ubiquitous Long Island Split Level as dated and uninspiring.

Mass producing the same plan all over Long Island, “tract developers” embraced cost efficient homes with 50% less digging for basements, shorter lumber spans, one common plumbing wall, and central stairs. Splits not only divide living levels from up and down, they also divide the plan from left to right.  Families loved these layouts for decades during the building boom from the late 40’s thru the 60’s.


Today families can still benefit from these efficient plans, but the desire for single levels with connected sight lines between levels remains a challenge to update a Split.  By removing a claustrophobic center wall and ceiling Hierarchy bridged the divide with a new loft in order to open the plan and unite the left and right sides of the house so it didn’t feel like a Split at all.  Hip interior design & finishes by the Owner and Danielle Rose Design made this split decision a level headed choice.

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